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Corporate seminars, group workshops & in-house trainings with live hands on demonstrations that will align your employees’ image with your company’s positioning and brand essence.

Fashion consulting on uniforms and style guides.

Visual Appearance

Business Wardrobe


Body language and corporate etiquette


Branding Companies

Designing a standardized “look & feel” for the brand through implementing image consistency in uniforms, grooming & attitudes. Ensuring a unified experience is delivered and reflected in the branding from the place to the people.

Business Etiquette

Successful business relationships rely more than ever on personal contact. You, your employees and your colleagues present your company business image and brand wherever you go during business hours and afterward. Your behavior affects your career in both obvious and subtle ways. Our Business Etiquette training session will empower you with the knowledge and skills required to handle professional situations at ease be your best and bring out the best in your colleagues, clients, and associates.


Image, grooming, body language & training

  • Staff Image reflection on the   brand

  • Business etiquette

  • Customer service to Customer satisfaction

  • Business Dress

  • Colors in Business

  • Styling of uniform, accessories & non-uniformed business dress

  • Body language & Posture

  • Grooming



Enrich your character by simply adopting appropriate behaviour and mannerisms, to buy you respectability. Having proper etiquette and using it regularly is essential in all aspects of life to boost your confidence and to strengthen your First Impression.

Social Etiquette

Business Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Cross- Culture Etiquette



Outclass the Competition in the Job Market

This engaging business etiquette training sessions will give students the competitive edge to score coveted internships and desirable jobs sought in today’s global business arena. In this session students learn practical and effective working-world business etiquette tips and tactics. From proper attire to handshaking, making small talk to presenting a business card, this lively and interactive session focuses on contemporary, universally accepted business etiquette to help set students apart from the competition. They will gain crucial professional presence and confidence necessary to enhance their “name-brand” marketability at campus job fairs, networking events, and interviews.

Session length: 1-1.5 hours

Graduation Caps


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