Here are some of the different types of Training Workshop :

Build Relationships and Networks with Finesse

Workplace Etiquette and Professionalism

Telephone Etiquette

Email Writing Etiquette

Business Dining


Build Relationships and Networks with Finess

At business socials, conferences, and receptions, you are repeatedly making a first–and often lasting–impression! In this business etiquette workshop, your team members will learn how to confidently present themselves, how to mingle, make small talk and develop relationships more easily. They will “learn by doing” how to give a correct handshake, make correct introductions and how to give or receive a business card. They will learn body language dos and don’t’s. Establishing and building networks takes practice. But in this fun and interactive business etiquette workshop, your team members will gain the confidence and skills for attending any type of business reception or networking socials. They will leave this session with the steps to take to make a positive first and lasting impression at any type of business social and reflect on your company’s brand and image with excellence.

Session length: 2-2.5 hours

Workplace Etiquette and Professionalism

How coworkers treat each other, and how customers are treated. Good workplace etiquette helps create an office culture of appreciation, sensitivity, and respect for co-workers. In addition, it helps build powerful relationships with clients and visitors to your company or organization. In this engaging and fun workshop your team will learn important keys and tips that are crucial for creating positive and professional workplace behaviors. This leads to a more productive and positive workplace environment for everyone. From cubicle etiquette and co-worker courtesies, to dressing for success, to electronic etiquette and tips for a productive meeting, your team will be empowered for greater levels of successful relationships with each other and with clients, customers, and office guests.

Session length: 2-3 hours

Business Dining Etiquette

Business relationships are developed and strengthened at the table. Which means your associates must have flawless dining etiquette skills and be able to handle themselves confidently in dining situations as either a host or as a guest. In this hands-on business dining etiquette workshop you learn world-class dining etiquette.Never worry again about which fork to use–or how to host a client for dinner–or how to give a proper toast. Even in the most sophisticated dining settings you will be equipped with the dining skills that gives you confidence and refinement to reflect on your company’s brand and image in a positive manner.

Session length: 2-2.5 hours

How to Succeed in the International Arena

Knowledge of international Standards and cultural etiquette is key for building trust and effective relationships in global markets. This business etiquette workshop gives you tips and strategies to broaden your global awareness. In this overview, you will learn about verbal and nonverbal communication styles, making a good first impression, greetings and communication, gift giving, body language, dining, professional attire, and more. This seminar is valuable if your company is considering international business relationships, as well as for companies already involved in this area. Whether you are an executive or a high-level front liner, you will gain valuable soft skills awareness that will help you compete in a global economy with confidence.

Session length: 2 hours



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