Meeting the Staff

Make a good impression every time.

Your polished image goes hand-in-hand with your attitude and behavior. Reflect confidence and charm and inspire trust by learning how to behave in different social or business situations according to universally accepted standards. Our social and business etiquette sessions can be delivered as one-to-one consultations or as a group workshop.



  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Social Media Etiquette

  • The Art of Listening

  • Conversational Etiquette

  • Giving and Receiving Compliments 

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Restaurant Etiquette 

  • Dining and Table Manners Etiquette

  • Table Setting and Service

  • Table Seating & Arrangements 

  • The etiquette of public places: sidewalks, elevators, escalators, and stairs

  • Travel etiquette


  • Everyday basic etiquette

  • Respect and courtesy in private and public

  • Greetings and handshakes

  • Introducing Yourself and Others

  • Body Posture, Sitting, and walking

  • Reflecting Confidence and Inspiring Trust 

  • Tone of Voice 

  • Dressing appropriately for the occasion 

  • Personal grooming tips

  • Phone Etiquette 

  • Social Media Etiquette 

  • Celebrating Differences- Cultural Awareness

  • When Meeting New People

  • Small Talk & Conversations

  • Active Listening 

  • Remembering Names

  • Having Friends Over

  • Having Fun in Public Places 

  • The etiquette of public places: sidewalks, elevators, escalators, and stairs

  • Table Manners 

  • Food and Drink Etiquette at Social Events 


  • Business Entertaining — Invitations  

  • Host Duties                                 

  • Guest Duties                                 

  • Seating Guidelines                            

  • Taking Your Seat and Napkins              

  • Host and Guest of Honor Duties      

  • Toasting

  • Posture at the Table

  • Silverware Savvy

  • American Style of Eating

  • Continental Style of Eating

  • Asian Style of Eating

  • World-Class Dos and Don’ts

  • Dining Do’s & Don’ts

  • Eating Various Foods

  • Tipping


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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