Dreaming of travelling the world and working in a highly international environment,we can guide you to achieve your dreams.

You are on your best way to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams if you decide to become a cabin crew for an International or Domestic airline.

After having spent many years in international arena,including being a Cabin Crew myself for an International Airline,travelling across countries,working with different nationalities.After working and living in Gulf for nearly 15 years I can guide you on how to establish a travel lifestyle and create the life you dream of by becoming a cabin crew for the 5 star airlines.

      I consult aviation candidates on:

  • application documents preparation

  • recruitment process preparation

  • creating the best possible impression on recruiters

  • maximizing their chances during assessment

  • developing skills desired by 5 star airlines

  • getting ready to relocate and adapt in a new environment.



Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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