Individual Consulting

We'll turn you into the best version of you.

Develop your personal style and confidence through image consulting services, Individual image consulting begins with an image assessment, and covers color analysis, wardrobe management, personal style, grooming, personal shopping, etiquette and more.

These services will give you a better understanding of your wardrobe requirement ,filling in the gaps in your style narrative and providing you with tailored style tips.

Through these services you will gain Clarity, confidence and a style that is unique to you.



A Personal Image Assessment to get a clear understanding of your professional image and a roadmap to achieving your professional image goals.

During the 2 hour consultation we

  • Discuss your personal and professional goals to determine what you want to achieve

  • Analyze what you love and need, what your favorite and least favorite attributes are, and what your lifestyle is like

  • Determine your style personality based on what we discuss

  • Review your industry and role to determine your best possible dress code level

  • Determine other parts of your 

  • professional ABCD that require your attention

  • Create a custom image plan that will help you reach your personal and professional goals

Woman handing shopping bags to valet

Personal Shopping

Save money and time. A stress-free Personal Shopping Consultation to round out your wardrobe with pieces that compliment your professional image.

During the consultation we

  • Take 30 minutes to discuss your shopping needs and compile a list of items you are looking to add to your collection or to review the list of key items identified during the Wardrobe Edit consultation

  • Spend 2-3 hours visiting carefully selected stores to try out items that fit your shopping brief

  • Consider pros and cons of different lengths, colors and styles and review what works best with your body, shape and lifestyle

  • Make thoughtful decisions and invest in pieces that will serve your needs every step of the way and give you joy

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Event Styling

No matter what look you’re going for, I’m here to assist you pull it off. This service is one of my most popular, as it allows my clients to receive personalized and tailored styling advice for all of their looks. Let’s work together to create the most stunning version of yourself. Contact me to learn more about how this service can benefit you today.

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Wardrobe Audit

Most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.

Learn how to wear 100% of your wardrobe all the time.
Now that you know your unique style personality, body shape and colors – you’re ready to create a wardrobe that works for you. Be it business, travel, and leisure, you’ll never have a “I have nothing to wear” day again!

A Wardrobe Edit to determine outfits that will compliment your professional image and help you spend 50% less time getting ready in the morning.

During the consultation we

  • Spend 30 minutes discussing goals and expectations for the session or reviewing image goals set during your Personal Image Assessment

  • Take 2-3 hours to mindfully review items in your wardrobe to determine which pieces fit you and are serving your image

  • Categorize items according to what should be kept, what needs to be tailored or repaired, and what should be passed along

  • Create thoughtful outfits out of the pieces that work for your image and organize them back into your wardrobe in a way that makes getting dressed in the morning fast and efficient

  • Compile a list of key items that will round out your current wardrobe



By Suggesting small changes in walk,talk and dressup you will feel Empowered and get kick-started by casting your desired First Impression through your unique Appearance & Grooming.


Make small changes in life and improve your yourself with small and effective session.


Make yourself comfortable speaking in front of large audience. Be effective in what you say and what you want to say.

Effective Communication:

  • Non-Verbal (including Body Language)

  • Verbal

  • Vocal

You cannot not Communicate. Seal your First Impression and make it lasting by exceling in:

  • The Art of Small Talk

  • Greetings & Introductions

  • Body Language

  • Speech Toolkit

  • Pronunciations & Dictions



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