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Determine Your Undertones To know the best color Palette for your skin

A lot of times when we talk about fashion or beauty the one thing we get to hear a lot is it’s important to know your Skin tone and Undertones and which category we fall in like “cool colors” ,“warm colors” or “neutral colors” as it helps in achieving a desired outcome of looking attractive,because when it comes to clothes, we’re always looking for items that best suit us, and we do that by shopping according to our body type and personal style.

There are two other things that you need to keep in mind.

What are your skin’s undertones and

How light or dark your skin is (skin tone)

Once you’ve established what kind of undertones you have, you can easily start working on your wardrobe.

Lets Discuss the Undertones.....

Figuring out what undertones you have can seem more complicated than it actually is. The easier way to understand your undertones is by seeing what color your veins are on the underside of your wrist. 

-If you’ve got green veins, you have warm undertones. 

-If the color of your veins are hard to distinguish, you’ve got neutral undertones. 

-If you’ve got blue or purple veins, you have cool undertones. 

Another way to do this is also using your jewellery think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewellery.

-Typically, girls with cool undertones look better in silver and platinum metals.

-Warm toned women look better in gold.

-If you look good in both, you’re neutral.

Next think of What colors do you look best in?

-If you look best in jewel-tones such as blues, purples, and emerald-greens you’re cool-toned. 

-If you prefer earth-tones like reds, oranges, yellows, and olive-greens, you’re warm toned. -If you can carry off every color under the sun then that means you’re neutral.

You can have the same skin color as someone else but a different undertone,which can be categorized as:

Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)

Warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)

Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones)


Earth tones like red, orange, yellows, green and browns are what you should opt for, as they all have that yellow base you need. Magenta also works, since it still fits into the brightness of warm undertones. The neutrals you definitely don’t want in your wardrobe are white and black, as they will enhance the whiteness of your skin. Instead, choose off-white (cream)shades and darker grays.


Jewel tones are the color family to work with. That includes purple, pink, blue, green and deeper reds. If you’re shopping for neutrals, pure white and grays are what you should go for. 


Muted colors are what you need. Basically any color of the rainbow, as long as they are lighter version of it. Think pastels and other soft colors. 

If you need some color palette or fashion inspiration, look to celebrities with similar undertones!


Next Up is your skin tone.....

We need to work as per our Skin tone,our skin’s surface tone the color we’d describe ourselves as having.we all come in a variety of shades, from ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, etc.

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Go for colors that complement your skin tone without making you look pale. You’re basically aiming for hues that prove you do have color in your skin by going for the contrast. These include deep purple, maroon, brown and navy. If you want to go for neutrals, it’s better to go for darker grays and try to avoid whites.


Almost anything goes, but the main thing to keep an watch for is greens and yellows, which may be too close to your olive-toned skin. White pieces, look remarkable on medium skin tones, especially if you want to achieve a tanned look.


Pastels work wonders on dark skin. This color family holds really well against a darker complexion.Whites also looks great. The one color to avoid would be brown, unless you’re choosing the nude shade.

Know that the best thing about this kind of color-based styling is that it doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe,it also works for makeup, as well as hair color, so you can keep this color analysis in mind when coming up with a makeup look, or deciding what shade to dye your hair next.

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