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How to Color Code Your Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 10

KNOW WHAT YOU OWN”… simple and effective techniques for wardrobe color coding.

Color coding your wardrobe makes it easier to find the clothes you’re looking for, coordinate your outfits, and creates an order to your hanging and folded clothing that is not only extremely pleasing to the eyes but also make getting dressed in the morning more fun ,your wardrobe more beautiful ,and your routine more efficient.

There’s also another great reason to color code your wardrobe. By doing so you find out if you need another black shirt .It also helps in creating a shopping list for your missing wardrobe pieces.

Without your clothing sorted by type and color, you can’t effectively see the black shirts you own, so you probably think “yes” and go buy a new one. However, if all eight of your black shirts were placed together, you might think again. In fact colored coded wardrobe storage tends to save you money by easily seeing what is in your closet and how it can be paired with other items.

Tips To Help Organize Your Wardrobe

1. Set aside a few hours .The benefits will be worth the time you need to invest

2. It helps if you have a portable hanging rack so you can move items from your closet rod to the rack and back to the rod as you sort.

3. Be prepared to give away items you no longer want. Have several large trash bag. Use one for items you can donate and another for items that need to be thrown away.

Use these simple steps

Step 1

Group types of clothes together first.(like dresses ,blouses ,jackets ,etc.)

Step 2

Once you have similar items combined together begin to sort by color. Group all blues, light and dark, dress shirts together. Continue to group colors for all items so pants to pants, and so on.

Step 3

Choose your color coding method. There are many ways to go but we’ve narrowed it down to the two most effective:

Light to Dark – Start with white and gradually make your way to darker colors by sight. If colors become too similar use a dividing color in an accommodating color family. For example, separate navy blues from blacks by inserting a section of light blue clothing.

VIBGYOR (for me the sound of vibgyor is easier to remember)– Sort by the colors of the rainbow violet ,indigo ,blue ,green ,yellow ,orange and red. Many people find it to be the best way to go about color coding a wardrobe—it’s easy to remember and provides greater contrast between groups. You’ll have to decide for yourself the best place for your blacks, whites, browns and grays-(The wardrobe Neutrals).

Step 4

For multi-colored items, simply determine the dominant color of the item. You may even want to create a section just for patterned clothing so that you not only color code your wardrobe by color, but also by solids and prints.

Step 5

Experiment. Figure out what works best for you. There are no set rules when it comes to color coding a cl wardrobe. Learn which method of color coding looks better to you and which method will be easiest for you to maintain.

Benefits Of Color Coding Your Wardrobe

There are a number of reasons to invest your time in this project. Remember that once you have finished you get to enjoy the many benefits that come along with being organized. I’m sure you’ll find that like all organization methods it’s far easier to maintain a system once you have it in place.

Here are few reasons to get you started

Saves you time when you get ready for your day.

  1. Saves you money because you stop purchasing the same or similar items now that you can see what you have.

  2. Easier to combine your separates and create outfits.

  3. Easier to pack your suitcase for travel and look your best.

  4. Easier to experiment with what you already have now that you can see what colors pair well with others.

  5. Easier to identify and round out any areas of your wardrobe that you need to add items.

  6. Easier to step back and see if your wardrobe is a true reflection of you.

  7. Makes your closet look like a boutique space.

Happy Organizing.......



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