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Job Interview - What to wear

Job interviews are stressful enough as it is without having to worry about what to wear. The general rule is to dress professionally – it is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

How you dress is the first thing the interviewer will notice and is an important part of your first impression , you are evaluated within a matter of seconds from entering an interview room. If you manage to impress the interviewer, you are already setting the tone for a positive outcome.

For the Lady-

Choose a dark colored suit (it never fails) but ensure that it is a good fit. If buying a suit and you fall in-between the sizes, you can always buy the larger size and get it altered

If you wear make-up, opt for a fresh, natural look and minimal perfume,remember perfume is your signature scent make it work in your fa

Avoid short hemlines and low cut tops, it’s best to dress conservatively and look professional.

Keep all accessories and jewelry to the minimum.

To give yourself an extra boost of confidence make a visit to the spa, consider getting a fresh haircut a few days prior to your interview so as to let the new style settle in. If there is time, give yourself a manicure to ensure your nails are clean and tidy. To keep your look professional and conservative, paint your nails with either a clear coat, or go for a classic french manicure.

Opt for closed-toe shoes and remember to give them a good polish. Iron your clothing the night before and hang it up straight away to avoid creasing Details matter, check your clothing for stray threads, missing buttons, pet hair, rips and stains.

Add a splash of color – a bright scarf, a belt or handbag will really pop against your neutrals and add interest to your outfit making you stand out!

It could be worth investing in a second interview outfit, as many jobs require more than one interview...specially if you are looking to make a career in the Hospitality Industry.

Whatever outfit you choose, make sure you feel confident and happy in what you are wearing – confidence shows.

For the Gentlemen-

We suggest the colors charcoal,grey and navy blue for suits,

choose a shirt that is simple yet classic,white is always a safe bet.

If wearing a Tie keep it as plain as possible.

If not wearing a suit go for a nice blazer along with your shirt and pants.

Clean shiny shoes shows you have an eye for details.

and lastly wear your Winning Attitude........



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