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Patterned Pants Are A Versatile Option

Updated: Jun 10

A lot of time I hear clients ask for more variety, more creative pieces that can be used for both work and on the weekends.One piece I keeping going to is a printed pant. Printed pants are still very much in fashion and they are fun to wear. The great thing about printed pants is that they are such a versatile option to add to your closet.

To start with you can choose a pattern that is black and white, you can go simple with all black or all white items or, add a pop of colour to make it more interesting and fun. Also Black, white and gold is a classic combination and never fails. One of the simplest ways to pull a look together is by having your jewelry match the hardware on your shoes and bag.Most of the times almost everything that is classic is done in gold. If you can’t wear or don’t like gold, by all means go ahead and wear silver or silvertone, but make sure to opt for shoes and bags with no metal hardware. A simple cotton blazer is a warm weather must have and a perfect alternative to a cardigan. You can keep your under piece simple with a seamless tank or use anything you already have in your closet. It can be cotton, silk or a blend. For shoes, You can either wear heels or flats that are playful yet appropriate for work.I like to rotate my bags so having some variety that is affordable is a must. To round up the look use classic stud earrings and a modern and chic necklace that will sit beautifully underneath the jacket collar. For more casual offices or an after hours work function, add a bright blouse in a solid color. I have a few of solid colour blouses and wear them all the time. They are the simplest piece to throw on with printed pants or jeans. Or, you can choose a patterned top, and have fun with some print mixing.You can also add a simple earring and bracelet in matte gold to finish the look. With these easy to assemble printed bottoms you will have an option of creating many looks along with few basic items in your wardrobe. You can wear at a formal summer event. You could, for example, choose a beautiful floral pair of pants and team with heels and a silk top.They can be a stylish alternative to a dress. Choosing The Right Printed Pants  Be careful about the kind of pattern you pick. Don’t choose loud and bold patterns as they will overpower the look. If you love florals and have a romantic style personality you could opt for beautiful flowers on your patterned pants,  If you have more of a classic style, you could choose polka dots. If your style tends to be more contemporary, then a striped or geometric pair might be for you. If you like your style to be more edgier, you can choose an animal print.

  • Smaller or more one toned prints are easier to wear and combine. These kind of pants can also easily be mixed with other prints on top.

  • The smaller the print, the more slimming the look.

  • A great way to wear printed pants is wear a neutral one color top. It is my preferred way to wear printed pants.

  • Printed pants can easily be dressed up or down. Just wear a t-shirt for a very casual look or a fancier top and blazer for a more chic look.

  • Cropped printed pants look great with heels to elongate the leg.




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