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Quick tips for the SASSY MOMMIES

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Being a mum is a tough job! You need to be up and about, regardless of whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, you need to be on the go at all times, the following tips will help you look and feel fantastic without taking the stress of having to get ready!

Outfit Planning

We all know the feeling of not knowing what to wear, when you need to be at someplace can be a nightmare, you suddenly feel lost and forget how to dressup.This is when outfit planning comes to the rescue !

Either dedicate a clothes rack in a corner of your bedroom to outfits that you know work for you and you feel comfortable in, OR, pick out an outfit the night before you go to sleep and hang it out for the next day, so that when you wake up, it’s all there ready for you!

By outfit planning, it does not mean wear your best clothes, it just means pick out something that’s going to suit you, make you feel great and look stylish. This could be your favourite jeans, a top, a favourite blazer and your go to shoes. Comfy, stylish, easy to put on. Just make sure it’s ready for when you wake up.It’ll make morning outfit choices that much easier.

Do the Prep

Lay things out making sure they’re ready to be worn the next morning. Also prep yourself, if you normally shower in the morning then try moisturising the night before , you’ll wake up in the morning a little bit golden and ready to face the day!

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple works the best when you’re a mum, you need to be comfortable, So jeans and leggings are the go for outfits. Just make sure that everything you wear, fits you perfectly and compliments your bodytype.

Jazz it up with the Accessories

For some simple may sound as boring. Others may see it as minimalist and chic but for some of us, we need a little spicing up in our outfits to make us feel that little bit special. Try a bright handbag, a statement necklace or a scarf and ofcourse add your bling to it with a watch to brighten up that simple outfit. Trust me it works every time!

Beauty bay

For a quick fix beauty prep, try a BB or CC cream instead of a foundation, it glides on like a moisturiser and evens out flaws. Cover with a quick setting of powder to make sure it stays all day. Finish with a little blusher or bronzer and a bit of mascara and you’ve got a fresh and good to go look. If you feel that your eyes are looking tired, eyelash curlers will do the magic. They make your eyes look immediately more awake and paired with your favourite mascara, your lashes will look longer too. Add a little brightening concealer underneath your eyes to really make them open up!



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