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Simple Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy On Long Haul Flights....

Being an Ex Cabin Crew myself and after flying for many years the one thing i always experienced was the effect it had on my skin and i am sure most people who travel often for business or pleasure will agree to experiencing dry skin issue during flight.

One of the biggest differences between cabin air and the air that we are used to is the humidity, Cabin air is often less than 20% in humidity, where in on ground, humidity is 30% or more.which means that skin will lack moisture and dry out faster — and some makeup products can actually come in handy.

With the limited amount of moisture in the air, we experience a lot of skin issues, especially those exposed to cabin air for longer periods of time on long haul flights.

Thankfully, there are simple ways to solve these issues. It’s all about making small adjustments in your beauty regime , and carrying travel sized beauty products to keep your skin hydrated throughout the flight.

To ensure your skin is looking its best after the flight, iam sharing a few tips on maintaining healthy, happy skin on your travels so that you can enjoy your trip to its fullest.


The cabin air is more dry than you’re accustomed to. Many people avoid wearing makeup on flights, considering they’ll either be asleep for most of it or too lazy to remove it during, but certain products like tinted moisturizer and BB creams can help retain skin moisture, while still making you look good. Of course, there are other ways to stay moisturized on the plane without makeup.

For example: Moisturize before and after the flight, and if the flight is more than a couple hours, moisturize during as well. Bring a travel sized (100 ml) bottle of your go-to moisturizer, leaving it in a clear plastic bag. As for dry skin and nails, you may also take hand cream with you.


One of the common issue faced is dry or chapped lips.Chapped lips can cause a lot of discomfort and it’s much worse when you’re stuck breathing dry air for several hours.

If you tend to have dry lips, do a lip scrub to exfoliate before you leave for the airport, and don’t forget to bring lip balm with SPF. Use your lip balm any time it feels remotely dry, or as often as you want to avoid getting chapped lips. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated 


When the air is too dry, your skin begins to overcompensate by producing more oil. While natural oil does moisturize your skin, too much oil can cause breakouts, especially when it’s mixed with the impurities and dead skin cells in the recycled air

If you want to wear makeup to your long haul flight, make sure you carry makeup remover wipes with you and thoroughly clean your face when you’re ready to sleep. You can also use the wipes as a cleansing cloth if you’re going bare faced, or carry blotting papers to soak up extra oil.If you are more committed you can use oil cleanser so as to nourish and deep cleansing at the same time.Micellar water is also a good option if you want to do this on your seat you can use it with cotton pad.


Swelling is pretty common on the plane, which is a sign of fluid retention. Fluid retention occurs when your body is dehydrated and you are sedentary for an extended period of time.

You normally may feel it on your hands and feet, but swelling can occur on any part of your body, such as under eyes to avoid this ,You can use body oil that stimulates circulation.

Stay hydrated before, during and after the flight. You don’t need to limit yourself to just water, as other fluid intake would also help maintain your hydration levels. The two kinds of beverages that will dehydrate you are coffee and alcohol so if you do want to drink either one, make sure you drink equal amounts of water to make up for the lost hydration.

You can also opt for herbal tea and still water.


Another thing one should consider is adjusting your skincare routine as per tour destination’s climate.

So next time your plan to fly wether for business or pleasure make sure to follow your beauty regime for a healthy looking skin.




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