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Updated: Aug 25, 2019

To start with choose the correct size of bag for all your essentials.A small bag always seems like a best option but if it doesn’t fit everything you need to carry along you will feel stressed.

Next step is work out how many outfits you will be needing for the entire trip including your evening wear.

Check the weather at the destination you are visiting.This may add or eliminate a few items.

Start by packing basics such as undergarments,nightwear and toiletries this will make you feel you have already begun the packing process and you are ready to consider your outfit options.

Remember to put together outfits that can be paired with multiple items.

Don’t over pack as you will get lost in the process. But do take a few extra “just in case” pieces incase your spill your etc.

Pack accessories that work with the majority of your outfits as this will add interest and help you create a look for the evenings as well. For example scarves and necklaces are perfect for dressing up an outfit! A sun hat is a stylish yet practical necessity. Also the scarf can be used to protect your shoulders from the sunshine or can be used to add interest to a plain outfit.

Ensure you take a small variety of shoes that can be teamed with all styles such as a pair of sandals, heels and trainers(in case of sightseeing).

Once you have chosen what to take write a list and tick off each item as you pack to avoid having to check later.

Lastly pack your money, keys, passport and mobile phone in a separate bag for easy access and security checks.

Here is an example of how to pack for a day which can include trousers, scarf jumper and pumps.. for a trip to the beach pack swimsuit, sandals, scarf, suncream and a sun hat, pack a floral dress, stilettos , necklace for an evening out.

Follow these steps and make your holidays packing a fun process for the exciting times ahead……



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